Machine details


Horizontal wrap around case packer


min 110x200xh150, max 280x400xh235

SECTOR OF USE: Food; Pastry;

Compact – Fast – Easy to use
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


The machine is equipped with a blank magazine with manual loading, from which a flat carton is picked up by means of an arm equipped with suction cups, which is then deposited inside the buckets of a cardboard transport chain. Almost at the end of its run, the blank meets the teeth of the transport chain and the cardboard is U-shaped.
At the same time of the above-mentioned operations, the products arriving from the production line are brought to the batch forming area. The packets, arriving from your production line, are taken from the feeding belt conveyed to the area where a grouping system provide to create the batch. Once it is complete, the batch is introduced in the “U” shaped cardboard.
Then, the chain advances another step and, during this movement, the lines of glue are applied and the vertical flaps are closed. During the following advances and stops, the upper flap that constitutes the cover is glued and folded. The closed box is then taken out of the machine.

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