Machine details

  • Diameter of the rigid cup;
  • Linear TV camera;
  • Cup count (min/max tolerance
  • Verification of stacking pitch so as to avoid plastic cups stuck together (tolerance
    min/max settable);
  • Vision of the entire rim of the cup (360°) detection of the following (with user-defined min/max settings): 1 Thickness uniformity 2 Dents 3 Cuts 4 Breaks 5 Marks 6 Moulding flash
  • Remote access using exsisting network card ;
  • User management with various levels of access to software functions

The strong synergy between our departments and a constant commitment to RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT has
enabled the creation of this extremely compact group in size


Grandi R. s.r.l. has developed the new CQ/B2012 quality control machine designed for the quality control of the disposable plastic cups used in automatic vending machines. The new system will effectively check the quality of stacks of plastic cups used in automatic vending and dispensing machines. A linear TV camera with a purpose-built lighting system checks the entire rim of the cup. During the 360° check the system will detect the position and type of any defect. The image is saved to the memory of the on-board computer ready and available for processing by the customer. The software is simple and easy-to-use and will create a report file in .CSV format containing all the information about each stack checked during the inspection cycle. The report can be read with MS Excel, any of the widely-used editor programs and management system programs (not provided with the machine).

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