Machine details


Semi-automatic line packing round and rectangular boxes


Round diam. 110/112 in base 3×2, 3×3, 4×2, 4×3, rectangular to be defined. Min carton 335x225x100, max carton 450x335x210


up to 170 boxes/min, but operator-dependent, so semi-automatic operation

Due to their adaptability to any packaging format, they are particularly present in the
dairy and pastry industry ST2007 Grandi machines guarantee maximum reliability and their life is unlimited!


A belt feeder picks up the round boxes and conveys them lined up to the layering point. A pusher places the boxes under the layering device, where stacking is done according to the selected format. The floor lifts and the row of layered boxes transits on a belt to get to the batch forming area.

A pusher moves the batch to the packing area, where an operator packs the batch with an open carton. The short flaps are folded with an operator movement from right to left, while the long flaps are closed by folders as the box leaves the machine.

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