Machine details


Automatic vertical case packer, top loading


min 400x200xh180, max 650x400xh500

SECTOR OF USE: Pastry; Food.

Closure of the carton with PVC or upon request and optionally the closure system can be provided by hot glue (hot melt).
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


From a manually-loaded magazine, the unfolded carton is picked up by a movable arm equipped with suction cups and deposited in the opening area where a rotary unit, equipped with suction cups and with mechanical movement, performs the unfolding of the carton.
The cardboard thus preformed is transferred to the filling area, while a new laid out cardboard is picked up for opening.
At the same time as the above operations, incoming products from the production line are taken from the feeding belt of the ‘case packer and conveyed to the carton filling area.
Depending on the type of product to be inserted, different solutions can be adopted such as a simple pick and place or a layering system using a descender plate inside the carton.
When the filling operation is finished, the full carton is moved to the closing area, and at the same time an empty carton reaches the filling area. During this movement to the full carton the front short flap is closed to it by a fixed folder, the rear short flap by a pneumatically controlled folder. During the next stop the 2 long flaps are folded by pneumatic systems.
The cardboard thus closed passes through two taping groups, one upper and one lower, which apply two strips of PVC tape to it.
Finally, it is yielded to the gravity roller conveyor at the outlet of the ‘case packer.

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