Machine details


Boxes buffering system


480 boxes of 8 and 16 portions, 240 boxes of 24 and 32 portions


Agri-food industry. Round boxes

Due to their adaptability to any packaging format, they are particularly present in the
dairy and pastry industry PST Grandi machines guarantee maximum reliability and their life is unlimited!


Boxes arriving from the production line are picked up by the conveyor belt, which, as it passes through the lung unit, acts as a normal conveyor: if the downstream machine stops, it sends an electrical “machine not ready” signal that commands the activation of the PSTʼs lunging system, which stops the incoming boxes to create a row of 10 that is detached from the belt by moving upward in a step-by-step motion, allowing new boxes to arrive. In this way, the production line is not slowed down, and this cycle can be repeated several times until the maximum lunging capacity is reached or an electrical “machine ready” signal is received from the downstream machine. In this case, the box emptying cycle begins and occurs during normal production i.e., the on-board logic is able to calculate the flow of boxes coming in and provides to stop them momentarily to insert a row of 10, which was in the parking lot, avoiding an overload of the downstream machine.

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