Machine details


Cartoning machine with layer packer, horizontal side-loading.Can be equipped with simple grouper or layer packer.


5 cartons/min.

The flaps are closed by PVC tape or hot-melt.
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


From a manually loaded carton magazine, a stretched carton is picked up by two movable arms equipped with suction cups and deposited inside a conical-shaped guide that opens it by a motorized motion. When opened, a folder closes a short flap and the carton is preformed and ready to receive the batch of products. At the same time, products reach the batch preparation area where they are grouped and/or layered, depending on the required packaging, and then placed inside the waiting carton.
Having completed the filling operation, another folder closes the other short flap and a carriage moves the full carton inside four belts, two upper and two lower, where the closing of the 4 long flaps takes place. Continuing the operating cycle, the belts convey the cardboard to the taping area and two taping groups, opposite to each other, apply two self-adhesive PVC strips to it. The finally closed carton is then tipped onto the exit belt.

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