Machine details


Bag inserter flexible for different films and sizes


10 cycles/min.

It is a compact machine that can be integrated with lines already in function
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


Plastic film in the quantity required to generate a bag is taken from a horizontal reel holder, and a special unit ensures that the film is always in tension. A horizontal, thermo-adjustable type sealer performs the sealing for the bottom of the bag and immediately afterwards a blade performs the cutting of the film at the ‘height previously set, thus generating the bag to be inserted into the carton. The lying bag sits on the carton and the inserter unit first opens the mouth of the bag then descends to the carton: in this way, the top of the bag is wrapped around the outside of the carton while a powerful jet of air ensures its maximum expansion inside the carton. The carton with the overflowing bag on the outside is then conveyed to the filling area by a series of motorized roller conveyors.

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