Machine details


Packaging line for fresh or frozen products


Width. 150 to 400mm bag, 200 to 500 height


Up to 60 bags/min

Application of different methods for counting products. It is possible to form the batch by counting pieces by number, weight, both or by optical counting system through camera. We can offer different solutions based on product type and production speed, guaranteeing 100% counting accuracy in all cases


Starting from a single-fold reel, the machine forms the bag, the size of which can be varied depending on the amount of product to be packaged. The vertical welder welds and cuts the film, forming the bag with the top free. The bag is opened by 2 grippers that facilitate the introduction of the incoming product from the counter. The machine is fully adjustable, and no special equipment is needed to change the bag size, so the time spent on this operation is greatly reduced.

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