Machine details


The CSC 2000 forms and fills bags directly in the cases.


up to 15-20 bags/minute

Application of different methods for counting products. It is possible to form the batch by counting pieces by number, weight, both or by optical counting system through camera. We can offer different solutions based on product type and production speed, guaranteeing 100% counting accuracy in all cases


Starting with a coil with a single bend, the CSC 2000 forms and fills bags directly in the cases. The vertical sealer makes contact, sealing and cutting the film, forming the bag with a free upper part. Two grippers open up and pull the mouth of the bag open as far as it will go, allowing the insertion of the product. Simultaneously the cases
with closed bases arrive from a motor-powered roller conveyor and positioned in the area under the opening of the bag. The machine is now ready to receive the product in the bag, which is already in the case. After the filling operation, a horizontal sealing unit closes the top of the bag in the case.

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