Machine details


Perfect for the counting of frozen products such as bread and rolls of medium sizes, the C 06 uses 4 load cells to determine the batches of product. Can be connected to our carton filling machine


30.000 pcs/h


60.000 pcs/h

Numerous solutions for picking products directly out of the freezer or oven. Ability to arrange products neatly or in bulk using cloth or modular mesh belts. Maximum flexibility to adapt to any size or height of product outlet.

Technical features

Can be connected to one or two HU model fillers depending on the production capacity and the available working area. Drivers with inverter. The speeds can be programmed directly from the PLC of the machine.Conveyor belts used to extract products from the freezer made from a modular open mesh. Automatic lubrication system programmable in accordance with the machine operating conditions. Machine control panel located in panoramic position for a better visibility of product flow and easier management of machine functions.

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