Machine details


box-tray closing machine


Trays min 219x170xh36, max 300x239xh96

The taping machine is easy to use and with simple size changeovers.
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


The full case arriving from your production line is picked up by the feed belt.
At the end of the conveyor, a pusher ensures that the cartons are inserted into the handling chain, and a cadencing system prevents the accumulation of cartons in the chain insertion area.
Continuing with the operation cycle, the filled cases reach the top closing station during the move the necessary hot glue strips are applied.
A pusher moves the case under the folding hopper, and the flap that serves as the lid is folded by a fixed contrast. Next, an elevator rises and introduces the case inside the aforementioned hopper, which folds the side flaps, closing it permanently.
The case is then translated to the outlet belt of the closing machine

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