Machine details


Achievement of extremely high counting speeds.
Patented transport system with foldaway buckets that allows to perfectly manage products that tends to roll and move on the conveyor.


C800 with feeding belt 800 mm wide and C1200 with feeding belt 1200 mm wide

The qualitative parameters are very flexible; in fact it is possible to outline the cooking, the dimensions and the shape parameters. Ensures adherence to set standards via camera control
On the two sides and rejection of products

Technical features

Measurements with the product in motion, which is not subjected to mechanical stress during transport from feeding to unloading. Patented conveyor system with retractable compartments that allows even products that tend to roll and shift on the conveyor to be handled. Extremely flexible in
terms of characteristics of counted items, provides for operation with different configurations according to product size. A fully automated adjustment and changeover system is also available.

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