Machine details


multi-format banderolling machine for round boxes

SPEED (nr boxes/minute)

Up to 120 boxes (BC120) / 170 boxes (BC170) per minute


Boxes of 8 – 16 – 24 – 32 portions without the need for drum changes

Due to their adaptability to any packaging format, they are particularly present in the
dairy and pastry industry Grandi’s seal-banding machine ensure maximum reliability and their service life is unlimited!


An inverted tooth chain brings the boxes to the labelling group. Here, a rotating drum with suction cups lifts a label from the manually-loaded storage bin, passes it to the gluing unit and applies it well-centered to the box. If requested, printing of the label happens right after this. Two plates hold the box and rotate it during the act of banderolling. The banderolling device spreads the glue and applies the tightly-held strip and pull thread precisely in the center. After this operation, a pushing device delivers it to the output slide.

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