Machine details


Continuous horizontal cartoning machine for pre-glued cases


Up to 200 boxes/min.


Continuous picking-up of the blanks and product introduction system

The fastest of our range of cartoning machines.
Maximum reliability and their durability is unlimited!


The new cartoning machine AV 200 can work up to 200 cases/minute. A product transport system composed by three belts that work at different speeds allows the absorption of high-speed production and at the same time spaces the products, so that the machine is fed uniformly.
The machine has a continuous system for the blanks picking-up that pre-forms the boxes inside the conveyor chain without using any folders. The insertion of the products into the box is carried out by a set of blade pushers which gradually moves them. After that the flaps of the case are folded and the closure can be done by hot-melt or tuck-in.

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