Machine details


Automatic carton forming machine


20 cartons/min.


Double loading magazine Stainless steel or painted steel version.

Compact – Fast – Easy to use
Reliability and their durability is unlimited!


Single pickup of unfolded cartons from the warehouse by two movable arms equipped with mechanically operated suction cups. Cardboard debarking performed by movable arm. Pneumatically operated flap folding unit. Mechanical translation of the cardboard inside the two belts, one upper and one lower, with simultaneous folding of the short flap by fixed folder. Pneumatic folders for closing the long flaps on the same side as the already folded short flaps. Cardboard transport, with one side closed, by motorized belts to the taping area, with application of self-adhesive pvc strip.
Conveying cardboard on belts to the exit area. Height of the warehouse loading belt from the ground: 800 mm. Height of the carton exit belt: 580 mm.

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